American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Course

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Please see below for course information and schedules for the following courses:

  • Lifeguard Training and Re-certification Courses
  • Lifeguard Instructor Courses
  • Water Safety Instructor Courses
  • Safety Training for Swim Coaches
American Red Cross Lifeguard Course Description and Schedule


**We are now offering the American Red Cross Lifeguard Training course exclusively in the BLENDED LEARNING FORMAT. Please allow approximately 7 hours to complete online training, and plan on having the FIRST 4 LESSONS of online training completed 2 days prior to the start of the classroom portion.  A direct link to the online training will be provided after registration has been processed.  You will receive a registration confirmation email with an additional link to the online training. **

The American Red Cross Lifeguard Training course is the industry standard for Lifeguard training. The program includes training for Lifeguards in controlled water (pool) environments and includes certifications in Lifeguard Training, CPR Professional for Lifeguards, and First Aid for Lifeguards. Charlotte Safety Trainings presentation of the course places an emphasis on PREVENTATIVE Lifeguarding through communication and surveillance. In addition to teaching candidates how to prevent and respond to Aquatic emergencies, our American Red Cross Lifeguard Training program is also a great way for candidates to gain knowledge about Leadership and Responsibility, a LIFELONG gift – especially for young adults just getting their first job. Additional Waterpark/ Waterfront/ Shallow Water Attendant modules are available – call or email for more information on those modules. Please reference the course Description and FAQ link below for specific information on prerequisites* and course length.  Participants must be 15 years old by the last day of the course.  Private instruction available, although a minimum number of participants may be required. TO REGISTER, CLICK THE REGISTRATION TAB. A minimum $65 non-refundable deposit is required to register for this course. You may also register by phone (704) 281-4986.

*There are minimum swimming prerequisites for this course.  Please reference the course FACT SHEET below for these requirements.  LG candidates that cannot meet these minimum requirements will not be allowed to proceed in the course.  Swimming is tested the first day of class, however, swim testing may be done in advance by appointment.

Lifeguarding Course – Fact Sheet

2017 Fall Season LG schedule 


American Red Cross Lifeguard Re-certification Course Schedule

The American Red Cross Lifeguard re-certification course is for those who are currently certified Lifeguards (certifications MUST be current). The course consists of 2 modules, both of which are required for those wanting to re-certify their Life-guarding certificate. Additional information about this course is listed on the Lifeguard Re-certification course schedule.  A minimum $75 deposit is required to register for this course.

Winter 2017 Recertification Schedule

American Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor Course

The American Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor Course provides training for becoming a certified Lifeguard Instructor and CPR for the Professional Rescuer Instructor. Candidates must have prior experience as an American Red Cross Lifeguard or equivalent program (certifications must be up to date). For additional information on this course, including course prerequisites and completion requirements click the course description and FAQ link below. This course can be taught on your site as a private course to fit your staff needs. On-site LGI Training also includes a free consulting session. ***NEW for 2013 – Our Lifeguard Instructor Course can be conducted during any of our regular scheduled Lifeguard Training courses (all eligible Lifeguard courses will be listed as LGI available next to the Instructor name). If you want to become a Lifeguard Instructor, and you meet the minimum prerequisite requirements, visit our Lifeguard Course Schedule page and choose a LG course that works for you. If you chose this option, please call Brian Coffey for verification that the course dates you choose are eligible for this option.*** L.G.I Candidates MUST have a good working knowledge of the Lifeguard Program to successfully complete the Lifeguard Instructor Course. This program is not designed to teach candidates any part of the lifeguard program. This program is designed to teach candidates how to present the information using Red Cross guidelines and all course information including the Instructors Manual, Instructors Corner, Lifeguard DVD’s and Videos, and all additional resources at your disposal. When registering for LGI, please put the applicable Lifeguard Course Code (ex – CCS LG2 2014) and add LGI to it (example – CCS LG2 2014 LGI). A minimum $100 deposit is required to register for this course.

Course Fees: $385 (does not include $35 online session fee)
Please reference the Lifeguard Course schedules for LGI Course dates. You may choose any Lifeguard course conducted at the CCS Swim & Tennis Center or the YWCA Central Carolinas for LGI instruction. Please email or call to confirm availability before registering. Enrollment is limited, and early registration is required.

Lifeguarding Instructor Course Fact Sheet

Water Safety Instructor Course


The American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Program is for those who want to become certified swim instructors and teach the American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim Program. This program is a Blended Learning course, with some of the course offered online.Please reference the course description and FAQ link for more information, including course length and prerequisites (participants obtain the Fundamentals of Instructor training certificate as part of the online training in this course. Participants must be able to swim 25 yards of freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, elementary backstroke, sidestroke and 15 yards of butterfly on a level 4 competency. Participants must also tread water or float for 2 minutes). To register, visit the REGISTRATION page of this website. A minimum $100 deposit is required to register for this course. Minimum age – 16 years old.

Course Fees: $300 (does not include $35 online fee)
WSI Fall 2017 schedule
Water Safety Instructor Fact Sheet


Safety Training for Swim Coaches


Safety Training for Swim Coaches is designed to provide safety training and knowledge of hazards specific to the sport of swimming. This course was developed by The American Red Cross and USA Swimming as a way to ensure that all coaches have the skills needed to help prevent and respond to emergencies in their environment. For additional information on this course, please reference the Course Description and FAQ’s link below. This course can be done on site, by appointment only.

Safety Training for Swim Coaches Course Fact Sheet