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Charlotte Safety Training offers Health and Safety Training in Lifeguarding, Lifeguard Instructors, Water Safety Instructors, CPR, AED, First Aid and various other areas. While the focus of the company is primarily Aquatics programs, we also offer traditional Health and Safety Training for Offices, Medical, Construction, etc. Most of our programs can be offered on your site and are specifically tailored to meet the needs of your facility and staff (not limited to Aquatics Facilities). Please email or call today for more information on available courses and services. You may also visit the page on our website associated with the program you are looking for. Facility safety evaluation is included with all on-site Aquatics training.

Services Offered

  • Lifeguard Training 
  • Lifeguard Instructor Training
  • Water Safety Instructor Training 
  • Safety Training for Swim Coaches
  • Swim Coach & Team Safety Training
  • CPR/ AED – First Aid
  • Preventing Disease Transmission
  • Babysitters Training
  • EAP Implementation
  • In Service Training for Aquatics Facilities
  • Water Safety Presentations 


Lifeguard Course Schedules for 2015 are now posted.  Please check back for updated information!  MAC LG2 2015 and YWCA LG3 2015 are now $235!!

Did you know that drowning can happen in an instant – and often doesn’t even look like drowning (at least not the way we think it looks)? Take a look at this short video by Mario Vittone.  This is just one of the many pieces of information included in our Lifeguard Training programs.  We focus not only on the response, but the importance of being a pro-active, alert, and attentive Lifeguard.  A lifeguards primary responsibility is to PREVENT emergencies.

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